Getting Started Driving

Let's start here:

Theory Exam

In Ireland, you need to have your First Learner Permit or provisional license before driving your car. However, before you will have the license, it is very important to pass the Theory exam first.

This Theory test has been introduce since 2001 and the following are the scope for the examination that you are going to take:
The Guideline of taking the Road
Perception of Risk
Awareness to any threats
Good behavior while driving

You can book a test online by going to the site or just call to 1890 606 106 within Monday until Friday, from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

We have here our Postal Applications at Driver Theory Test Centers and Motor Taxation Offices that would send to Driver Theory Test, PO Box 788, Togher, Cork. But you are not allowed to mail to the Driver Theory Test Centre your application form.

For the applicants, the reviewers, such as latest edition of The Official Driver Theory Test Book and CD ROMs, are available in some selected bookshops.

The passing score for this exam is 35 points out of 40 items that contains do's and don’ts as well as the fundamentals of safe driving on the road.

Some of the common problems that most of the student drivers experienced on the road is their hesitation in driving and improper positioning, inadequate knowledge about the traffic signs and improper anticipations while on the road.

This is a computerized Theory test that is accessible either to a personal computer or a touchscreen device. You don't have to be computer literate in order for you to pass the exam. If you have made any mistakes in your test and decided to change your answer, you can go back to that particular item.

If you have difficulty in reading, the student driver can use the voiced questioning items so that you don't have to read during the whole duration of the examination. Appropriate colors or pictures will signify the varied answers and touch the color or picture on the screen if you have already chosen your answer. We have also a facility for this test that conducted in Irish.

The score of this theory test will prompt automatically, the same with the results afterwards. After completing Driver Theory test, you will receive certificate and you can now request for a learner permit.

Receiving Learner Permit

When you have already passed the Driver Theory test, your eyesight should also be tested so that you will be completely allowed to drive. All you need is to prepare your 2 passport photos and Proof ID such as Birth Certificate and a copy of your passport. At the same time, you have to fill up the application form D.201 from the Garda stations.  

If you want to apply via post, send all the above mentioned requirements to the Licensing Authority at the River House in Chancery Street of Dublin 7. Then within 2 weeks, you can receive your license.

Once you have received the first learner permit, you will not take a driving examination within six months.

Therefore, you can start your practice driving once you have already your license. It is also better to take professional test so you can develop more in proper driving habit, not the inherited bad habits from anyone. Choose the registered ADI for your driving lessons.

In the year 2008, the RSA introduced a system whereby every Driving Instructors must have at least three examination passed and those who have reached standard will be allowed to provide lesson with a monetary reward. The list of Approved Driving Instructors can be seen in the website The ADI have also their identity card that would possibly be given to you together with your provisional license.