Our Top Driving Tips

Common Errors in Driving

Here are some of the common faults of the candidates why they fail in the driving test.

  • Lack of observation during moving off; at roundabouts, at junctions and every time you change lanes;
  • Inadequate anticipation of the co-drivers' actions;
  • Wrong road position in turning left or right, on bends, on the straight, and when overtaking;
  • Inadequate progress at roundabouts, crossroads, on the straight, and in the time of overtaking;
  • Inadequate or incorrect use of signals and mirrors;
  • Improper compliance of the traffic controls, such as road markings and signs and traffic lights;
  • Improper use of the controls of your car, such as clutch, gears; steering, accelerator, footbrake, handbrake, and those secondary controls;
  • Over speeding on the road or traffic conditions;
  • Errors in yielding the correct way onto other;
  • Lack of knowledge in turnabout and reverse maneuvers.