What is EDT

EDT, meaning the Essential Driver Training, became a necessary requirement starting with April 4, 2011. Every car owner must go through the EDT course. EDT is essentially a training course for drivers. The course teaches basic driving skills. The EDT is focused on improving the driver's safety and is included in the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing.

Every driver who gets their driver's license after April 4, 2011, must take the 12 EDT classes. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour. When the lessons are completed the student can attend his or her driver license test. Every candidate is also required to have The Essential Driver Training Logbook. A qualified A.D.I. instructor will sign the logbook at the end of each lesson.

It is recommended by the RSA (Road Safety Authority) that each of the 12 required classes are spread over a total duration of 6 months. In between the classes, the student should keep on practicing their driving skills with additional private lessons.

Going through the driving lessons will assure:

  • comprehending what it takes to be a safe and successful driver
  • you improve your driving in a safe and controlled environment
  • you will become a skilled driver for the rest of your life